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Hydroxylamine sulfate(10039-54-0)

Hydroxylammonium sulfate is colorless crystals that are soluble in water and slightly soluble in alcohol. It is primarily used as an easily handled form of hydroxylamine, which is explosive when pure.


CAS No:  10039-54-0

Molecule structure:

Detailed introduction


Purity (GC): Hydroxylamine sulfate 99%min

Appearance: White crystals

Chloride(Cl):  max. 0.0005%

Iron(Fe)  : max. 0.0005%

Heavy metals (Pb) :max. 0.0003%

Packing & Delivery

25kg/bag, 20Mt/20GP
Dangerous goods


√Mainly used in the preparation of caprolactam and as intermediate of medicine and pesticide

√Its derivatives oxime or hydroxamic acid derivatives can be used to produce insecticides such as methomyl, aldicarb and thiodimethomyl as well as fungicides and herbicides.

√Hydroxylamine sulfate is a reducing agent, developer and vulcanizing agent of rubber. It is an important raw material for the synthesis of caprolactam. It is also used in the production of isoxazole derivatives, sulfonamide drugs and vitamin B5, vitamin B12, and can also be used in polymer synthesis and chemical analysis.

√Used as analytical reagent, reducing agent, also used in organic synthesis

√Reductants for inorganic analysis can reduce gold, silver and mercury compounds to monomer elements, and Fe3+, Cu2+, V5+ to low compounds

√Determination of selenium, biological and biochemical research

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