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Acetonitrile(75-05-8 )

Acetonitrile, a colorless liquid, is the simplest organic nitrile and is widely used as a polar aprotic solvent.

Alias: ACN; CH3CN; Acetonitrile; Cyanomethan

CAS No: 75-05-8 

Molecule structure:   

Detailed introduction


Appearance: Transparent liquidPurity: 99.9%min
Water: 0.03%maxColor (Pt-Co): 10 max
Hydrocyanic Acid(mg/kg):10maxAmmonia (mg/kg):6max
Acetone (mg/kg): 25maxAcrylonitrile (mg/kg): 25max
Propionitrile (mg/kg): 500maxFe(mg/kg): 0.50max
Cu (mg/kg): 0.05max

Packing & Delivery

150kg/drum, 12Mt/FCL,      18mt/ISO tank

UN No.1648, Class:3, Packing group:II


√Chemical analysis and instrumental analysis.

√Solvent for hydrocarbon extraction and separation.

√Intermediate of synthetic medicine and pesticide.

√Semiconductor cleaner.

√Other applications: In addition to the above applications, acetonitrile can also be used as raw material for organic synthesis, catalyst or component of transition metal complex catalyst. In addition, acetonitrile is also used in fabric dyeing and coating compound, and it is also an effective stabilizer of chlorinated solvent