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Benzene Sulfonyl Chloride(98-09-9)

Benzene Sulfonyl chloride is an organic sulfur compound. It appears as a colorless viscous liquid, soluble in organic solvents, and easily hydrolyzed.

Alias: Benzenesulfonyl chloride; Benzenesulfonyl chloride; BSC; 4-Benzenesulfonic acid chloride         

CAS No:  98-09-9  

Molecule structure:

Detailed introduction


Appearance: Light yellow to colorless clear liquid

Purity (GC): 99.00%min

Diphenylsulfone: 0.10% max

Free acid: 0.20% max

Packing & Delivery  250kg/drum, 20Mt/FCL

UN No.2225, Class.8, Packing group:III


√ A sulfonating reagent commonly used to prepare sulfonamides, sulfonated esters, and sulfones

√Intermediates of pesticide; Dye; medicine

√Used for the manufacture of color base of ice dye          

√Reagents used to test colloids