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CAS No:  142-84-7  

Di-n-Propylamine is a flammable, highly toxic, corrosive amine. It occurs naturally in tobacco leaves and artificially in industrial wastes. Exposure can cause excitement followed by depression, internal bleeding, dystrophy, and severe irritation

Alias:Diprop-2-en-1-yl butanedioate; Succinic acid diallyl ester;1-Propanamine, N-propyl-; Bernsteinsaeure-diallylester; Butanedioic acid,di-2-propenyl ester;N,N-dimethylethyl amine; Diallyl succinate; n-dipropylamine;Dipropanamine;

Molecule structure

Detailed introduction


Purity (GC): 99.5%min

Mono-n-propylamine: 0.1%Max

Tri-n-propylamine: 0.1%Max

N-propanol: 0.2%Max

Water: 0.1%Max

Color: 15 Max

Packing & Delivery  17000kg/ISOtank,
UN No.2383, Class.3(8), Packing group:II


√ Preparation of pesticide, medicine, emulsifier

√ Dipropylamine is the intermediate of the herbicide fluralin and aminosulafrine, grass Dan, aminodiol.

√ Organic synthetic raw materials. Used for the preparation of pesticides, medicine (diproglamide,), boiler preservatives, etc.

√ Used in the production of medicine, pesticide, dye, mineral flotation agent, emulsifier and fine chemical intermediates.