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HYDRAZINE HYDRATE- 64%(10217-52-4)

HYDRAZINE HYDRATE- 64%, colorless transparent oily liquid, used as a reactant in the cyclizations of pyridinones.

Alias: Hydrazinium hydroxide; Diamide monohydrate; Hydrazine monohydrate

CAS No:  10217-52-4                               

Molecule structure 

Detailed introduction


Purity (GC): 64%min

(N2H4,H2O) Content: ≥64

Non Volatile Content: ≤0.01

Iron Content: ≤0.0005

Heavy metals (as Pb):≤0.0005

Sulfate(as SO4): ≤0.0005

Chloride (as Cl): ≤0.003

Packing & Delivery

200kg/drum, 16Mt/FCL,
Dangerous goods


√ Used for the synthesis of AC, D1PA, TSH and other foaming agents

√ Cleaning agents for deoxidizing and deoxidizing of boilers and reactors

√ In the pharmaceutical industry for the production of anti - tuberculosis, anti - diabetes drugs.

√ In the pesticide industry for the production of herbicides, plant growth harmonizer and sterilization, insecticide, rodenticide

√ It can also be used to produce rocket fuel, diazo fuel, rubber additives , etc.