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SODIUM METAL(7440-23-5)

SODIUM METAL is pale silver solid.


CAS No:7440-23-5

Molecule structure   Na

Detailed introduction


Color : Silver-Gray,cut in silver

Assay : 99.7% min

K : 0.04% max

Ca : 0.04% max

Fe : 0.001% max

Cl : N/A

Packing & Delivery  150kg/drum, 12Mt/FCL,
Dangerous goods


√ As a reducing agent. It is used to reduce titanium, zirconium, niobium, tantalum and other important metals used in defense industry from their fused halides.

√ As chemical raw materials. For the production of butadiene rubber, sodium hydrogen, sodium peroxide, sodium cyanide, sodium carbonate and other sodium compounds,

√ Make alloys. An alloy of sodium with mercury, sodium amalgam, used as a reducing agent in organic synthesis. Sodium lead alloy, used in the production of gasoline antiknock agent. Sodium potassium alloy, used as a coolant and heat exchanger in nuclear reactors.

√ Be an electric light source. The yellow light of sodium vapor is strong through fog, and the high pressure sodium lamp made of sodium is widely used in highway lighting.

√ An isotope of sodium.Na-24 is radioactive and is used for radiotracer analysis in biological research.